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Twilight Tans Client Registration Form

Please fill out the following form
in order to participate in our activity.

Do you have asthma?
Do you wear contacts?
Are you pregnant?
Are you using any topical medication?

Thanks for submitting!

Neither our company or its employees and/or agents will be liable for any injuries or skin reactions from the airbrush tanning systems or skincare products to any persons during the use of such systems or skincare products at our facilities.  No promises or guarantees have been made regarding the results from use of our systems or skincare products. We are not responsible for the loss or theft of any personal property or belongings.

It is incumbent upon you to inform us of any known allergies or medical issues (including pregnancy). It is recommended that pregnant women consult with their physician prior to being airbrushed. The FDA recommends that clients about to receive a spray tan wear protective eyewear and undergarments, as well as use nose filters and seal the lips with lip balm. People who are using Retin-A or Hydrocortisone should check with their physician before using any Airbrush Tanning system.

I have been informed of the pre and post care of the tan I am about to receive. All my questions have been adequately addressed. I have been honest in disclosing all known medical issues. I understand and waive my right to prosecute should there be any adverse reaction to my skin from the airbrush tanning systems provided. I take sole responsibility for any damage caused to clothing or other belongings that come in contact with the airbrush solution.  I understand that all tanning packages, excluding memberships and bridal packages, expire 1 (one) year from purchase date.  All sales are final.

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